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Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2023

In 2023, our company has been recognised for fast, organic, and sustainable growth by the list of the top 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe compiled by Financial Times.


TAS Tagger

TAS Tagger retrieves and determines key phrases and topics from text contents. The identification of these expressions and named entities (person names, locations, organizations) are implemented by computational linguistic and machine learning methods and tools. We apply some or all of these methods and tools. It depends on the requirements of the particular customer and the given task. Text contents can be automatically tagged (labelled) by the extracted and determined key phrases.

TAS Enterprise Search Engine

TAS Enterprise Search developed by Precognox is a state-of-the-art search engine that offers theme-independent, intelligent, semantic search. The solution ensures the user to search multiple large databases at once as the search engine can be connected to a wide range of data sources of the company. By advanced search functions and operators specially compiled queries can be run to solve complex search tasks.

TAS Thesaurus Manager

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus building module that enables to define and verify conceptual relations (synonym, typo, correct form) between the word pairs. The defined relations make it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search Engine. Thus the solution increases the efficiency of the search process and reduces the number of queries.

TAS Data Collector

TAS Data Collector allows to collect all unstructured and structured data from a certain or more domain on the Internet. The interface provides the ability to monitor data flow continuously so that daily data trends can be monitored. The collected data can be used in raw form, or converted and utilized by the further solutions of the TAS Text Analytics System.

TAS Search Log Analyzer

TAS Search Log Analyzer is a supplementary service for tracking and analyzing queries made in the search engine. This analytical tool provides insight into which search terms are used and how they are used in TAS Enterprise Search Engine interface. The data obtained can also be useful to improve the performance of the enterprise search engine.

TAS Alarmlist

In enterprise environment, repetitive queries are performed quite often in corporate data assets. TAS Alarmlist helps to automate these search processes, thus repetitive searches can be automated and an alert could be sent if the search terms in the watchlists created by the user can be found within the content of the company’s data assets.


Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Research and development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the most important and fastest growing fields. AI opens up new perspectives on text analytics, thus application of Artificial intelligence is essential and plays a main role in our solutions, such as data and text mining, text analytics or computational language processing.



Natural language processing

Natural language processing is a common subset of artificial intelligence and linguistics, where natural languages are processed by computational methods. One of the main pillars of our services is the so called NLP (Natural language processing), which serves as a basis for many applications, such as content analysis, text tagging, auto-translation or sentiment analysis. In natural language processing our partner is Basistech, the developer of the Rosette text analytics system. Rosette offers integrated solutions such as entity extraction, name matching, language identification, or sentiment analysis.

Video and audio analytics

The rise of video and audio content is undeniable. As these contents become more widespread and popular – because they can be consumed faster and more conveniently – it has become essential that they can be processed, analysed and searched. Some examples of use: face detection and recognition, voice recognition, license plate recognition, object detection and recognition, object tracking, logo recognition, supervisory analysis.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the subfield of artificial intelligence. We use machine learning technologies to improve the efficiency of our solutions: we teach our algorithms through learning data to produce an output that contains predictions based on the data. We are also able to create models for machine learning solutions and to prepare the necessary datasets accordingly.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition technology (OCR) is applied to extract text contents from image files and digitized image documents. The extracted text contents are already suitable for use in our text analytics solutions. The integrated OCR technology is provided by ABBYY FineReader. We have dedicated expert for processes that need OCR technology.

Advanced name matching

Matching names of people, locations, and organizations are impeded by numerous obstacles. Misspellings, typos, aliases, nicknames, initials, and names in different languages all hamper and complicate the process. Advanced name recognition and matching offers a solution to these problems.



We are a developer of intelligent linguistic search, text mining and big data software solutions, which contribute to the success of our customers and partners. By clicking on the logos below, you can get more insights about the cooperation with the given business partner.


We are a developer of intelligent linguistic search, text mining and big data software solutions.