Text mining

software development

Precognox Search Engine

The Precognox search engine is a domain/subject independent intelligent indexing and search solution tool based on an open source Solr/Elastic/Lucene search platform as well as on a wide variety of linguistic tools. We believe complex queries should be run on a clear-cut interface. It's not necessary to get familiarized with a complicated interface beforehand in order to decide which tool to use to find the most relevant information.

TAS – Text Analytics System

TAS is a common interface that is easy to use where you can manage all of your text mining projects. You can see the status of your data sources in one place and it is possible to manage and use them as effortlessly as a simple SQL table. TAS is vendor agnostic, so we can use your preferred linguistic tools (e.g. IBM Watson, KConnect tools) and text processing frameworks (e.g. GATE, UIMA), or should you prefer, we choose the most appropriate ones for you (Rosette API, OpenNLP, Stanford NLP tools etc.).

Software Development

You have the vision and we have the full-cycle custom software development expertise We can help you design, develop, deploy, and manage next generation software products for the web that match your unique requirements and drive the value of your business.

Cognitive Computing Solutions

From the dictionary, cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. At Precognox, we follow this thread. Our systems think and learn through repeated analysis of large data repositories, and then display the results in an understandable format.


New KConnect search services give healthcare the very best in medical information

KConnect launched its official website: and begins the commercialisation of new multi-lingual medical text analysis and search services. Precognox is a proud partner of the team. The new state-of-the-art medical information search services have the ability to empower healthcare and life science professionals and the public alike. The search services can provide the fastest […]

Finding the needle in the haystack

Recognizing names is so easy for us. But what about machines? And what if you would like to recognize names in different languages? Meltwater asked us to help their system to extract names from the first few lines of news articles (we call them by-lines) and we are currently working on solutions for Brazilian Portuguese, […]