Human centered AI

Our personalised solutions reveal the information hidden in structured and unstructured data, enabling search, extraction of metadata, data enrichment, and visualisation using the most advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

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What is AI?

Why would you guess about facts, if human-centered AI can reveal them for you? We offer personalized solutions that help you understand the information stored in structured and unstructured data. We make data searchable, extract meta-data (e.g. named entities, timestamps), enrich data (e.g. classification, topic modelling, sentiment and emotion scores) and visualize the information. Our complex approach applies state-of-the art methods of machine learning and NLP.

How do we use artificial intelligence?

The range of specialized solutions we offer is expanding day by day, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence. In addition, our unique developments contribute to satisfying our partners’ needs with increasingly sophisticated services and specialized modules in both knowledge and quality. Based on our years of experience in data and text mining, we have developed the TAS text analytics system, designed with modules specifically aimed for various subfields.

The solutions used in these modules are becoming more sophisticated with the advancement of artificial intelligence, making it crucial to continuously follow relevant novelties and results in AI research.

These areas include:

  • Data and text mining
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • Automated programming
  • Image processing
  • Natural language processing
  • Emotion detection and definition
  • Face identification and personal recognition

In addition to monitoring and applying the results of these fields and software development continuously, we regularly organize professional meetings (Hungarian NLP Meetup and Kaposvár Software Development Meetup), the experiences of which we utilize in our work. Moreover, our recognized professional blog also contributes to serving our clients and partners at the highest level.

The foundation of the services we provide is our up-to-date knowledge in the following areas:

  • Programming
  • Software development
  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning, validation
  • Annotation
  • Feature engineering
  • Feature extraction
  • Model training, parameter tuning
  • Supervised machine learning: classification
  • Unsupervised machine learning: topic modeling, clustering
  • Model evaluation
  • Web services
  • Visualization

About human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Human-centered AI helps you get empirical insights into your data through the following steps:

  • data gathering (What type? E.g. text, blog or image)
  • From where? (E.g. data harvested with TAS Data Collector or own data)
  • data cleaning, validation
  • annotation
  • transforming, feature engineering
  • feature extraction
  • model training, parameter tuning
  • supervised machine learning: classifier
  • unsupervised machine learning: topic modeling, clustering
  • model evaluation
  • web services
  • visualization (What type? E.g. interactive dashboard, print visualization)

Use cases

Get to know our projects on migration and on a classification issue.

AI Coalition

We are members of the AI Coalition, whose goal is to unite the fields related to artificial intelligence in Hungary, and which is among the initiators of the Digital Welfare program.