Agile Software Development

Leveraging years of international and domestic experience, we offer bespoke and web-optimised full lifecycle software development, complete with project planning and consulting using the latest technologies.

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Software development at Precognox

We offer our clients a partnership where the customer’s vision is accomplished by Precognox’s professional, full-cycle software development expertise. Our software development team has specialized knowledge to solve text mining and analytics challenges. Moreover, we can also help in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and managing next generation software products for the web that match the unique requirements and drive value to the client’s business.

QA from the very beginning

Professional support from day 1

We start Quality Assurance activity in the specification writing phase by reviewing and giving feedback to the editor of the functional specification. Our Senior developers, Testers and Software Architects provide their input in terms of planning and their suggestions.

We prefer to jump in even earlier stages with experienced Business Analysts who can help the client define business ideas in the form of a software solution. Thus the expensive dead ends are avoidable.

Quick iterations

We primarily follow an Agile software development methodology, typically with two-week Sprints, which enables the formulation and achievement of efficient sprint goals, as well as adds flexibility to change management. We support rapid testing cycles of the current version of the software with continuous integration methods.

Several of our staff members have Scrum Master qualification (Professional Scrum Master – PSM I).

The continuous release of software versions enables rapid testing cycles.
As a result, the client is able to try out the system in its current state from the very beginning of the development.

Full transparency

Cloud based task management and the reporting tool (Jira) provides a full view of the hours spent on tasks in the given development cycle. It solves the joint editing of the Backlog, as well. The test cases and the results of their runs are also transparent to our customers (we use TestLink software). This enables them to feel like we are part of the internal team throughout the software development process.

Future-proof solutions

Our experienced test engineers automate the test run (with our own, state-of-the-art, Cypress-based solution) for the test cases of stable functions. This way, it is possible to implement new functions under stable operation of previous functionality. Several members of the QA team are ISTQB Certified Testers.

Professional indemnity insurance

The safety of our projects are guaranteed by our expertise and outstanding quality assurance method. Since 2020 it is also supplemented by a professional indemnity insurance of £1 million.

Long term maintainability

In our development processes, we use modern, standard solutions that give our customers the freedom to further extend the software.


We are experts at preparing improvable software. The key to facilitating the integration of future changes is that we pay careful attention to software architecture and quality from the outset of the project.
This allows adding new features to the software in every phase easily and sustainably.


Our experienced architects plan the system in a modular structure and, by using a code review mechanism, keep the functionality in the appropriate software layers (generally following the MVC model). In case of restructuring becomes necessary, we achieve it through code and modul refactoring.

This way, changes only required at the relevant modules of the software, and even connecting new ones can be easily accomplished.

Code quality

Code analysis is automatically run both on the Frontend and Backend codebases. The result is then used to improve code quality in daily development. We keep Unit test coverage of common components on high level.

Getting code quality right from the very beginning means quicker, easier changes in the future and lower overall costs.

Extensive experience

We have been expert providers of enterprise Java solutions (Java Enterprise Edition) since 2002. We have many decades of combined experience in Java and Typescript based development. A team of nearly 50 System Architects, Developers and Testers is at our customers’ disposal to solve business and IT challenges. Should the development of a complete solution require specialized knowledge, our extensive network allows us to readily engage additional experts. This guarantees that the developed solution is implemented with the utmost expertise in every aspect.

Up-to-date technologies

By keeping track of the advancements and latest achievements in the utilized technologies, as well as employing the most modern work methods, our team is capable of delivering solutions of varying complexities and up-to-date standards.

Continuous professional development is key to our success.

We organize regional professional meetups and our staff share new knowledge through in-house presentations, which are followed up through technology conference series and professional articles.

Comprehensive service

Precognox offers full-cycle development services. We build reliable, scalable and secure software applications that meet the most sophisticated requirements so that our clients can concentrate on their own business.

In case the development of the complete solution requires some unique knowledge, thanks to our wide network of contacts, we are able to involve additional specialists at any time. In this manner, it is guaranteed that the developed solution will be implemented by the highest level of expertise.

What can we do for you

Technologies, tools and skill

  • Elasticsearch, Solr (Lucene)
  • Linguistic tools and Natural Language Processing frameworks (Rosette Text Analytics, OpenAI – ChatGPT, Neticle, UIMA, GATE , OpenNLP, Stanford NLP tools, Morphologic tools)
  • Annotation services for supervised machine learning tasks
  • ETL tools: Nifi, Pentaho, Talend
  • Tableau
  • Wildfly (JBoss), Tomcat, Jetty, Dropwizard
  • Apache httpd, NGinx, Lighttpd, HAProxy
  • Java 17, J2EE 7 (EJB3, CDI, JPA, JMS, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JSF, JSP)
  • Hibernate, EclipseLink
  • Message queue (JMS, RabbitMQ)
  • HTML 5, CSS 3
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Python, shell+awk, Groovy
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Relational data storage (MySQL, Postgres)
  • Graph data storage (neo4j)
  • Database migration (Liquibase, Flyway)
  • Redis, Riak
  • Git version control (Github, GitLab)
  • Jira project management systems
  • Testlink
  • SoapUI
  • Cypress, Selenium: Automated Testing and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Docker, Docker compose
  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher, Rancher compose
  • GitLab CI and Jenkins-based continous integration (CI)
  • Swagger
  • Logstash
  • Munin, Nagios, Datadog
  • Kibana
  • Linter, SonarQube to manage code quality
  • Gradle
  • Ansible