Video and audio analytics

By integrating Micro Focus' IDOL solution, it becomes possible to analyze video and audio content.

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What is video and audio analytics?

By video and audio analytics we mean the analysis of visual and audio contents. These can be images, videos, audio materials, for example:

  • photo and video files
  • social media stories and reels
  • content of video hosting and sharing platforms
  • digitized (scanned) documents
  • music tracks
more and more visual and audio contents are produced

Why is video and audio analytics important?

The rise of video and audio content is undeniable. As these contents (e.g. YouTube videos, podcasts) become more widespread and popular – because they can be consumed faster and more conveniently – it has become essential that they can be processed, analysed and searched.
Whether it’s a business photo, a surveillance or security camera recording or an audio recording of an interview, there are many ways to analyse them.
As part of our text analytics platform, TAS Tagger solution was able to process textual content, but with the rapid growth in popularity and volume of video and audio materials, it has become essential that they also can be analysed. This required the integration of a solution that excels in this area.

About TAS Tagger

TAS Tagger enables the automatic tagging and categorization of textual (and, with the integration of IDOL, now image and audio) contents. This type of thematization improves the searchability of these contents, among others documents, e-mails, articles.

IDOL integration for analysis of video and audio contents

IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) is a powerful platform of Micro Focus. It is a comprehensive analytics solution, enabling users to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of so-called media data, thus automatic processing of images, videos, audio contents and live broadcasts becomes possible, even with completely customized tasks.
Some examples of use:

  • face detection and recognition
  • voice recognition
  • license plate recognition
  • object detection and recognition
  • object tracking
  • logo recognition
  • supervisory analysis
face recognition has been available in mobile phones for a long time

Areas of use

The Integration of IDOL into our TAS Tagger solution opens up new horizons in many areas and processes, such as:

  • object protection and admission procedures
  • road safety and traffic control
  • digital media analysis
  • national security and law enforcement
  • content analysis of social media and video sharing platforms
  • processing archives
  • analysis of stock photos
object detection is essential in law enforcement
Moreover, the range of application possibilities is almost endless and the success is guaranteed, since Micro Focus, the owner of IDOL is one of the leading software suppliers worldwide, which offers extremely complex systems and solutions.