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The TAS text analysis system provides a centralized access point to all of our services designed to assist with data collection, search, text mining, and data analysis tasks.

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What is the TAS Text Analytics Platform?

The TAS Platform (text analytics system) is a collection of solutions that aid in the collection, search, analysis, and understanding of data and textual content. These individual services can be used independently or as part of a larger data processing workflow. Thanks to their easy integrability, these solutions can also be part of external systems.

How do TAS platform solutions help?

The units of the TAS platform offer outstanding solutions for tasks that involve data collection from the internet (data and text mining) and searching and processing the gathered textual content. In addition to the pre-packaged services, our team's expertise is also available to our partners.

What services does TAS consist of?

Which are the TAS platform solutions?

The backbone of the TAS platform is formed by data collection with TAS Data Collector and intelligent search achievable with TAS Enterprise Search Engine. The platform's additional services (TAS Search Log Analyzer, TAS Thesaurus Manager, TAS Tagger) are complementary solutions developed considering previous client needs.

What steps and processes are realized with TAS's complex services?

  • Data creation
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Data enrichment
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Quality assurance

Integrated technologies in the text analytics process

Several technologies are integrated during textual data processing, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, optical character recognition, named entity recognition, speech-to-text, and entity extraction. The TAS platform solutions prioritize the units of the Rosette text analytics system developed by Basis Technology and ABBYY OCR technology.

Precognox is the system integrator of Basis Technology and a reseller partner of ABBYY.

How can TAS platform solutions be accessed?

The components of the TAS platform sometimes provide ready-made solutions for specific text analytics needs. However, during our projects, our main goal is to always provide the most suitable and optimal service to the client, so our partners can choose from various solutions.

Both one-time and monthly subscription services, cloud-based or on-premise solutions can be implemented. Since we strive for the highest level of service, understanding customer needs is of paramount importance.

Please contact us for this purpose!

Integrations of the TAS platform

TAS products can be widely integrated with other solutions such as IBM Analyst's Notebook, OCR and Speech-to-text solutions, and popular Business Intelligence tools (Power BI, Tableau, Rapidminer, Google Data Studio). Our solutions are compatible with every linguistic tool (e.g., Rosette Text Analytics API, IBM Watson) and text processing framework (e.g., GATE, UIMA, Stanford NLP tools).

Where can I find more information about TAS text analytics solutions?

If you would like to learn more about the TAS product portfolio in detail, please visit the TAS Text Analytics System website.

Custom text analytics solutions

In addition to the ready-made text analytics solutions of the TAS platform, Precognox offers solutions that require further development. Thanks to our agile software development experience, we are ready to meet unique software development needs as well.

In the Agile Software Development section, you can learn about the systems, methods, areas where we have experts and experience.