Advanced Name Matching

Our name identification solution efficiently handles spelling errors, typos, name variations, and linguistic differences, thus facilitating the accurate identification of people, places, organizations, and other entities.

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What is advanced name matching?

Matching names of people, locations, and organizations are impeded by numerous obstacles. Misspellings, typos, aliases, nicknames, initials, and names in different languages all hamper and complicate the process. Advanced name recognition and matching offers a solution to these problems.

Importance of name matching

The proper identifying and matching of names is a key task by search engines as TAS Enterprise Search. Name recognition and matching solutions are applied by also AML/KYC systems for financial compliance, government intelligence, and law enforcement. In these areas of application, the risk of failure must be minimized. Therefore it is crucial to apply the best possible name recognition and matching solution.

Name matching by enterprise search

Application of name matching solution is of paramount importance for search engines to reach great efficiency in person identification.
By the application of linguistic and knowledge-based methods, name matching supports the search process of names of individuals, organizations, and locations.

Criminals prefer to hide behind pseudonyms. However, applying the appropriate name matching solution as Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) aliases are no longer a challenge.

World-leading name matching solution integrated

The collaboration between US-based Babel Street and Precognox dates back years. As the official Hungarian reseller and product integrator of Babel Street’s Rosette text analytics platform in Hungary, as a matter of course our company also applies these solutions in own products. Babel Street’s name matching solution, Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) is integrated in TAS Enterprise Search developed by Precognox.

In close cooperation

In addition to being the official system integrator and reseller of the Rosette API, as part of the collaboration Precognox has also participated in the development of several solutions, including the development of the name identification and matching in Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) solution in Hungarian.

Rosette Name Indexer (RNI)

Babel Street’s world-leading name identification solution, Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) recognizes 13 name phenomena.

Thanks to the pairing methods, the solution is particularly useful for organizations and businesses in financial compliance, government intelligence, and law enforcement agencies.
Rosette Name Indexer is applied by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and it also supports the work of a Hungarian security organization.

13 ways Rosette matches names

Phonetic similarity Jesus ↔ Heyzeus ↔ Haezoos
Transliteration spelling differences Abdul Rasheed ↔ Abd al-Rashid
Nicknames HWilliam ↔ Will ↔ Bill ↔ Billy
Missing spaces or hyphens MaryEllen ↔ Mary Ellen ↔ Mary-Ellen
Titles and honorifics Dr ↔ Mr ↔ Ph.D.
Truncated name components McDonalds ↔ McDonald ↔ McD
Missing name components Phillip Charles Carr ↔ Phillip Carr
Out-of-order name components Diaz, Carlos Alfonzo ↔ Carlos Alfonzo
Initials J. E. Smith ↔ James Earl Smith
Names split inconsistently across database fields Dick Van Dyke ↔ Dick Van . Dyke
Same name in multiple languages Mao Zedong ↔ Мао Зэдун ↔ 毛沢東 ↔ 毛澤東
Semantically similar names Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ↔ Eagle Drugs, Co.
Semantically similar names across languages Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ↔ 日本電信電話株式会社

Product highlights

  • supports 18 languages and 13 variation types, including cross-lingual
  • matches names of people, locations, and organizations
  • reduces false positives and false negatives
  • ranks results by match score
  • easily integrates with existing systems, Elasticsearch, and Solr
  • deploys in the cloud or on-premise
  • is fast and scalable against massive lists
  • developed actively, at least 6 releases per year
  • offers industrial-grade support

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