One search engine above all

enterprise search engine, Precognox

Every day, we search for information on the web or in the software we use at work. Names, recipes, destinations, bills, laws – the list of search terms are endless. Moreover, we often search for the same thing using different terms. (e.g. bike – bicycle). It is often a tedious process to find what you are looking for. This is particularly true when we have to compile and execute queries one by one in several different search engines. Such cases occur frequently, especially during our work, since we use many different programs, such as:

  • Enterprise Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting software

Imagine, for example, that you want to know as much as possible about your company partner. All you can do is search for it in each system individually. But is there really no other option?

enterprise search engine, Precognox
complex search with multiple search terms and the relation between them

Repetitive searches

Apart from being time-consuming, performing the repetitive searches often does not lead to similar results, as each search engine works differently and offers different features.
And the most difficult situation is when we want to run a complex search (using several terms together and specifying their relations), since we have to compose the query one by one in each system. And this time-consuming process has also the threatening of making errors in the search procedure.

Considering the problems with repetitive queries, it is worth rethinking the question above. So what can we do? Is there other option?

Enterprise search: one above all

Today, there are complex solutions that can replace the integrated search engines of different systems and software. These are called enterprise search engines, which enable the user to search the entire data assets of your company.
Of course, not every company needs an enterprise search engine, but there are a numerous reasons why it may be important and useful to implement such a solution. Some of these reasons:

  • huge corporate data assets
  • different data storage methods
  • increased search needs
  • the need for advanced search functions or
  • software diversification.

Going back to the case mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, it is perhaps this last reason – the multiplicity of software used – that can have the greatest impact, as the lack of interoperability by these systems generates a lot of search problems and at the same time causes a considerable loss of time for the company.

TAS Enterprise Search is an excellent solution to these problems, allowing you to search multiple systems or databases at the same time, avoiding repetitive searches. In addition to eliminating the need to run queries one by one in each software, the advanced features of the solution make the search process even more efficient. These features may be the advanced search and filtering options, operators or even a built-in thesaurus to support the entire search process.
This makes it possible to use one search engine above all.