5 reasons why enterprise search is becoming increasingly important

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In the era of digital transformation, the only way to manage and effectively exploit the exponential growth in data is to use an advanced enterprise search solution to find the information you need. Searching the content on the Internet is easy, as the various web search engines are farly advanced and have extra features. But what if the user has to search for information in the business environment?

Briefly about enterprise search

Enterprise search is the process of making content from different data sources available and accessible to users within an organisation. It may sound easy implementing an effective search engine, but it has to be implemented according to the requirements of the organisation. But why has enterprise search become so important in recent years.

Here are 5 main reasons:

1. The diversity of documents

We use a wide variety of documents within the company. Text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and videos or even emails. Almost all the software and applications that help us manage these documents have built-in search solutions, which vary in sophistication, but the real problem is that we have to compile queries in each system individually to find the information we need. It’s easy to see how a universal search solution can be of great help in such cases.

enterprise search, Precognox
different formats can make the searching process quite difficult

2. Increase in data volume

The more data and documents we work with, the more challenging it becomes to find the really relevant content. Think about when there are multiple versions of a document, for example, the search engine’s narrowing options can help you find a specific document quite easily, so user do not have to check all the documents manually.

enterprise search, Precognox
without a proper search solution, searching for information is often cumbersome and time-consuming

3. Globalisation

As a consequence of globalisation huge enterprises are emerged by merging firms. For these merging organisations, unifying the applied systems is a huge challenge, as there is often no interoperability between them (e.g. different ERP or CRM systems). A common enterprise search engine makes it possible to run queries in all systems at the same time.

4. Time is money

An average office worker spends up to 20% of the working time searching for information, which means a significant time loss for the business. In contrast, enterprise search software can significantly reduce the time spent by finding the required information, providing the users the opportunity to be engaged in higher value-added tasks.

5. Effective business decision-making

Business decisions are always based on the information available. However, to make the right decision, it is essential that all relevant information is available, even if the time available to find it is very limited. In such cases, the need of precision and the time factor clearly justifies the use of an efficient enterprise search engine.

enterprise search, Precognox
availability of information is key to good decision-making

In addition to the above reasons, there are numerous reasons why an enterprise search engine can become indispensable, such as convenience, special search needs or even providing a search process that is tied to permissions.

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