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An artificial intelligence-powered search engine that enables users to search across all textual sources available within the company simultaneously.

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How it works?

The TAS Enterprise Search, developed by Precognox, is an advanced and versatile intelligent search engine that operates on the robust Elasticsearch platform, also offering insight engine capabilities. Designed to streamline searches across various data sources, it allows for searching through databases, HTML pages, and documents in PDF, DOC, and other formats. Integration with corporate software such as ERP and CRM systems, issue trackers like JIRA, as well as platforms like Confluence, OneNote, SharePoint, and even email systems is seamless, enhancing the utility for a wide range of business applications. The interface is user-friendly, enabling complex searches through a clear-cut interface without the need for prior familiarisation with complex tools. Discover how TAS Enterprise Search can provide an overarching search solution and how it can be implemented as an enterprise search software, particularly its effectiveness in the security sector.

Demo UI

You can easily get acquainted with the functionality of the TAS Enterprise Search and its associated modules through our introductory video and DEMO interface. Watch our video, which provides an insight into the user interface of the search engine, its operation, and the unique filtering and sorting options available. Through the DEMO UI, you can initiate searches among the contents of articles published on Precognox’s Hungarian and English language blogs. Search expressions can be in Hungarian or English, with the default language determined by your browser’s language settings. Try the TAS Enterprise Search for yourself and discover how this tool can facilitate the quick finding of information!

Areas of application for the TAS Enterprise Search Engine

Optical Character Recognition

Thanks to the integration of OCR solutions, it’s possible to search within the textual content of image files or in digitized (scanned) format. For tasks requiring optical character recognition technology, the client’s preference determines the product integration we apply. For cloud-based content, we use Google Cloud Vision tools, and for documents only available locally, we utilize Tesseract and ABBYY Fine Reader solutions. This way, all data sources within the company become accessible and searchable. The aggregation of content from web-based external data sources is performed using our TAS Data Collector solution.

Entity Recognition and Name Identification

In our searches, we do not simply examine character-based matches but also take into account the linguistic characteristics of texts (in Hungarian, English, or any of the 16 integrated languages). As system integrators of the Rosette text analytics platform developed by the United States-based Babel Street, we have made available the industry’s most advanced name identification service in our solutions, which can find misspellings, nicknames, and names written with special characters from different foreign languages – Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated entity recognition solution, we can search separately for entities in text content. These entities can be names, organizations, geographical locations, dates, or even special character strings such as license plate numbers or bank account numbers.

The Search Interface

The search interface allows for quite complex searches, which can be saved as templates, so even more complicated and time-consuming frequent searches can be performed quickly.
There are numerous post-search filtering options (facets) available. These can be expressions repeatedly occurring in the results (in various linguistic forms), or classifying information stored in specific fields. The results can then be sorted based on multiple parameters (e.g., name, relevance, date).

Supplementary Modules for TAS Enterprise Search

The search process can be further aided by a thematic dictionary built from concepts characteristic of the subject area. Its use makes it possible to find the search expression in other forms as well (for example, synonyms). We can utilize our clients' existing dictionaries, or if they do not have one, we can create it. We can also provide the TAS Thesaurus Manager software necessary for managing the thematic dictionary (thesaurus). Before the search, typing suggestions help find relevant results, speeding up the search process. These suggestions may come from previous searches or from the thematic dictionary.
Thanks to the above solutions, users always get relevant results. Built-in document-level permission management ensures that only those with the appropriate permissions can see the results. The searches carried out can also be tracked and analyzed with the help of TAS Search Log Analyzer.

TAS Enterprise Search vs. Database Search

From our comparative table, you can learn about the areas in which the TAS Enterprise Search provides truly outstanding knowledge to the user compared to a database-based text search.
TAS Enterprise Search Engine Database search engine
Ranking of the results Sophisticated and complex Poor
Speed Rapid even for complex queries as it is optimized for text search Unpredictable. (In case of common text search problems such as looking for prefixes or complex expressions, it is significantly slow)
Linguistic correctness Handles various word forms (e.g. inflections) and relations between parts of an expression Poor
Name indexing Very advanced Basic
Taxonomy (expert knowledge) Available None
Filtering results Available for a wide variety of tasks Needs custom solution
Combination of various data sources Available for an arbitrary number of sources Can only search in one database at a time
Handling PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, XML and other document formats, OCR (Optical character recognition) Available None
Query interface/Presenting search results Advanced and tailored according to needs Needs custom solution
Modifying data Scheduled according to needs Immediate reindexing
Distributed, replicated data storage Available Available
LDAP / Active Directory support Available None

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