Effective enterprise search in practice

Effective enterprise search, Precognox

What is enterprise search?

Enterprise search is the set of processes by which the employees search for information in the company’s business data repositories. The larger the amount of data and the more diversified the storage location, the more time-consuming the search process is.

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Why is enterprise search important in the life of a company?

If a search solution is not available within the company to efficiently perform the queries, it will eventually lead to a loss of productivity due to the ever-increasing amount of data. This is when the need for a highly effective and customizable intelligent search solution arises.

What are the benefits of intelligent enterprise search?

By implementing an intelligent enterprise search solution, text contents and data can be found quickly and easily thanks to the provided progressive features and services, like advanced filtering and bulk search options, a built-in thesaurus dictionary or a search log analyzer. All these features help to save considerable time and effort, while offering outstanding efficiency.

Advanced search is also important in eCommerce

Search engines integrated into websites are essential for companies operating online shops. Their needs are different from those using an enterprise search engine, so it is worth being aware of what features make an enterprise eCommerce search solution comprehensive.

Effective enterprise search, Precognox
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When is it worth using a specific search solution?

In the enterprise IT environment, there are many software and applications (content management system, knowledge base, CRM, ERP and email systems, cloud-based and further custom solutions) that have their own built-in search solution. However, these search engines have limited functionality and offer only simple search user interface, making it difficult to find relevant information.
In addition, these search engines only work within the given application, so that queries have to be made separately in each system. If this means a major loss of time within your company, it is definitely worth looking for a unique and truly efficient search solution that can perform even the most complex searches in the above mentioned systems (and in the collected web or even digitized text content) simultaneously.

Which businesses would benefit from implementing an intelligent enterprise search

Essentially, all businesses can work more efficiently with a sophisticated search engine like TAS Enterprise Search. The implementation of such a system is most appropriate for medium and large enterprises, but it can also be extremely useful for any business possessing large internal or external data amount, high search demand or frequent complex query tasks.

More than search

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Search globally

In the era of globalisation, previously independent companies are merging to form corporate giants. In these cases, the challenge of aligning the IT, data storage and software solutions of each company is enormous. Just think of how many different solutions are deployed even within a single company. And the lack of interoperability between them makes it almost impossible to collect information efficiently, especially when several companies merge.
In such cases, intelligent enterprise search can be a major solution, as it enables information to be extracted from the many different systems in a targeted and efficient way.

How can you decide whether it is worth implementing an intelligent enterprise search engine?

The average office worker may spend up to 20% of the working time searching for information, often running 8-10 different queries to find each relevant content. In some cases, the search process will still be unsuccessful for a number of reasons: typo, usage of incorrect search terms or even lack of access rights. All of these generate significant time delays in an enterprise environment for hundreds or even thousands of people. In contrast, intelligent enterprise search software reduces the time spent on finding the relevant information, providing more time for higher value-added tasks.

Unsatisfied with the search solutions applied within your company? Too much time wasted for search processes instead of creating real business value? Then you should definitely think about implementing an intelligent enterprise search engine!