Comprehending foreign language search results in business environments

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Due to globalisation, it is becoming increasingly common that documents in the enterprise data repository are multilingual. Today, many companies have relations with foreign partners and, as a result, many documents (emails, contracts, presentations) are written and produced in foreign languages.

When searching these documents, it is essential to be able to quickly determine whether the results obtained are relevant or not.

Difficulties with foreign language documents

As an example, let’s take an office administrator who has to search for a specific document related to a specific partner. Entering the name of the partner in the search engine used within the company, she gets a number of results, but all in a foreign language. Of course, she does not need to know the language, so each result should be opened and translated to the native language one by one to determine whether she is looking at the right document. This would be a really time-consuming task to be accomplished.

Solution in seconds

Eliminating the aforementioned problem, TAS Enterprise Search has integrated translation service in order to provide a result preview translated into the user’s preferred language. It allows the user to decide immediately whether the content of the document is relevant regarding the given compiled search. Thus, by quickly scrolling through the list of results and checking the preview texts translated into their native language, the user can easily and instantly find the document or information he or she is looking for.

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result preview in TAS Enterprise Search

The quality of the translation is also guaranteed, as the most widely used services – Google Translate and DeepL Translator – have been integrated into the TAS Enterprise Search.

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The solution can be a great help for medium-sized companies and enterprises with international relations, or for companies with subsidiaries in several countries, which have to manage a large volume of multilingual documents due to foreign language communication.