Solution to the shortage of JAVA developers in Norway: team augmentation with Hungarian experts

Team augmentation with Hungarian experts, Precognox

Whether for a short project or long-term cooperation, the need for team augmentation in the software industry seems to be rising continuously, and Norway is no exception either. But finding new members for your forthcoming or already ongoing software development projects can be a huge hustle.
In this article, we’ll try to ease your search for reliable and competent programmers and show you why you should consider hiring a Hungarian software team to augment your Norwegian coding crew.


First of all, let’s look at geography. The distance between Oslo, capital of Norway and Budapest, capital of Hungary is 2,000 kms. Are the two countries really far from each other then? Well, they really are, if you want a same day round-trip (it won’t really work, sorry), or if you want to ride your bike (a one-way bike trip will take two weeks), or if you want to drive on your own (crossing numerous countries and having to decide between a ferry or a long bridge may not be too convenient for a single person). But 2,000 kilometers is the same distance as that of Kansas City (MO) and New York (NY), or San Diego (CA) and Seattle (WA); and if you asked an American if these cities are far from each other, they would probably say “not too far”, as San Diego and Seattle are both on the West Coast, and New York from Kansas City is just a straight drive mostly on I-70.

Team augmentation with Hungarian experts, Precognox

2000 kms here, 2000 kms there

Keeping the same mindset, let’s be brave enough then to state that despite Europe’s geographical, transportational and cultural peculiarities (as opposed to the convenient and mobile American lifestyle), Hungary and Norway are actually still not far from each other. And with the numerous direct and indirect flights between Budapest and Oslo, the available train and bus services between the two countries and the well-maintained European highways, this statement seems to be fair. So, although outsourced coding is mostly done as distant work, personal meetings are also easily achievable for a Hungarian-Norwegian coding team.

Team augmentation with Hungarian experts, Precognox
Team augmentation with Hungarian experts, Precognox

Hungarian vs Norwegian mountains: a little bit different, a little bit the same.

Time zones

Secondly, let’s talk about time difference. Luckily, despite the 2,000 kms distance, Norway and Hungary are in the same time zone, namely the Central European Time. That’s a huge advantage, since even the aforementioned two cities, Kansas City and New York are in different time zones (one in Central and the other in Eastern Time). So, the message “let’s have a Zoom meeting at 3pm” will have the same meaning to a Norwegian and a Hungarian colleague as well.


Thirdly, let’s consider language. Well, apart from “taxi”, “tv” and “SUV”, it’s pretty hard to find common words in Hungarian and Norwegian (even the well-known international words “hotel” and “radio” are spelled differently in the two languages), not to mention the huge difference in syntax and phonology. However, our dearest lingua franca, English comes to our aid again, as it is widely used in both countries, especially in IT fields. (Well, we admit that it might take a couple of minutes to get used to each other’s accents, but it’s alright, isn’t it?).


Our fourth topic is culture. Both Hungary and Norway are located in Europe, and they share the same European values. Hungary is a member state of the European Union, and Norway is a member of the European Economic Area. This shared European culture results in a very similar approach to work and the same work ethics in both countries.

Hungarian programmers

Next, let’s talk about Hungarian programmers. Hungary has always been a pioneer country in engineering and computer sciences. It is the birth country of John von Neumann, father of the architecture used in modern computers. Also, Charles Simonyi, developer of the first version of Microsoft Office was born in Hungary. But let’s look at some very promising current data as well: according to HackerRank, Hungary is the 5th best country in the world in programming in general, and it is ranked 3rd in JAVA, C++ and Shell, 5th in Databases, and it’s the best country in Tutorials! So, knowing all these, should you trust a Hungarian software developer team? Yes, definitely!

Business and economy

Okay, what about business and economy? Norway has a stable economy with a GDP per capita of $77,975 (2019), whereas Hungary’s GDP per capita was $17,466 in 2019. What does this mean? To put it simply, Norwegians will find Hungarian hourly rates inexpensive, which is a great starting point for joint projects and new business relationships.

Which Hungarian company? Precognox!

Team augmentation with Hungarian experts, Precognox

If you are a Norwegian software company looking to augment your team, Hungary will likely be a good choice. But which company should you contact? Well, in Hungary any legitimate software company may deserve your attention, but Precognox LLC aims to be one of the best Hungarian software companies. See below why this team may be a great fit for your needs.

  • Precognox was founded in 2008 (yes, during financial crisis days) and it has been a successful and growing software company ever since. Now it has 32 employees, 22 of which are developers (JAVA, Angular and ReactJS) 5 are testers, and 5 are doing other necessary jobs within the company.
  • Precognox is specialized in JAVA, JavaScript, Text Mining and Analytics, Natural Language Processing (Rosette API system integrator, OpenNLP and Machine Learning. Learn more about our Agile software development methodology.
  • Precognox has a well-thought and reliable agile approach to programming: QA from the beginning, quick iterations, full transparency, future-proof solutions.
  • Precognox has numerous US-based partners and customers, so the team is very experienced in remote teamwork.
  • Precognox has an indemnity insurance of £ 1 million.
  • Precognox received APMG International’s certification for cyber security essentials.
  • Since some of its solutions are used in law enforcement, Precognox has been screened and approved by Hungarian national security authorities.
  • Precognox has received “Hungarian Business of the Month” award in October 2017, and Family-Friendly Hungarian Workplace certification in 2020 as well as in 2022. Learn more about our Social engagement.
  • Since its foundation in 2008, Precognox has been a really successful enterprise, with a constantly growing staff and increasing income.

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