ChatGPT integration improves our tagging solution

ChatGPT integration, Precognox

From now on ChatGPT is also available optionally in TAS Tagger to improve its capabilities.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model that generates texts to help the user in several areas, such as obtaining information, but also writing a publication or an essay. The solution is able to communicate with people in natural language answering the questions asked. ChatGPT’s knowledge and capabilities can also be used in other text analytics solutions, such as our tagging solution, called TAS Tagger.

Available integrated technologies

TAS Tagger’s integrated technologies

TAS Tagger simultaneously integrates the text analysis packages of the Tech Giants (Microsoft, IBM, Google) and the advanced solutions of the subfield leaders (Basistech, Neticle, Repustate, MeaningCloud).

By combining the knowledge of integrated modules, TAS Tagger offers numerous text processing methods, such:

  • topic and keyword extraction
  • entity extraction (person and company names, identifiers, geographic locations, phone numbers, etc.)
  • name identification
  • language recognition
  • sentiment analysis
  • video and audio analysis

The even more efficient operation of TAS Tagger is now also supported by the integration of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT integration, Precognox
the integrated technologies can be selected on the user interface


Fields and users ChatGPT is lucrative to

The popularity of ChatGPT is indisputable since its knowledge can be exploited in many areas. By, among others the integration of the solution, it is possible to communicate with a service in natural language, even through another application. And this up-to-date technology is excellent for automating business processes.

The integration of ChatGPT can be of great help in areas where a large number of questions arise (e.g. customer services), or when business (collected) data and information should be searchable.

In case of advanced and intelligent search, the main priority is the actuality of given data and the capabilities of the search engine itself, but the effectiveness and user experience can be greatly improved by integrating the solution of OpenAI. And successful and intuitive search has a huge importance today, whether it is educational content, health information, real estate databases, law enforcement or judicial documents.

ChatGPT integration, Precognox
tags are essential to implement intelligent search

The integration process

As the first step of ChatGPT integration, we registered at OpenAI, which require an API key to use, allowing any application to access OpenAI’s specified services.

As part of the integration, we developed a backend wrapper service that implements the necessary interfaces for usage of TAS Tagger. During the development of the wrapper service, communication with the OpenAI API was realized using the OpenAI Python SDK.

Implementing the integration, users can also use the services of OpenAI in addition to existing models within TAS Tagger interface to perform their text analysis tasks.