How to become a software developer at precognox?

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1. Complete an aptitude task

You are assured to get feedback on your solution; if it is up to standards, you will be invited for a personal interview. No specific Java developing experience is necessary for the application, but it is expected for one to prepare themselves for the aptitude task.

The trial task requires XML processing and display the results on a webpage. The Precognox team is using Java 7+ (spring-boot frameworks) for backend development and Angular 2+ or sometimes ReactJS for frontend development. It is also acceptable to implement this web application using JSP technology. If you apply for a Frontend developer job, you can implement the application using Angular 2+ or ReactJS technology, so the Java knowledge is not necessary.

If you would like to use some help in preparation to this task then please request access to our internal POLC (Precognox Online Learning Center) training courses to get acquainted with Java-Springboot and Angular 2+ technologies. To get an access contact with our colleague Zoltán Faragó (zfarago precognox dot com).

Most of our backend developers use NetBeans as an IDE which contains a Tomcat webcontainer that is necessary for running JSP web applications. For TypeScript based frontend development we use WebStorm which has a 30-day trial version for free.

Source code quality and speed of performance is taken into consideration when scoring. Completion of the task -⁠ depending on the exercise -⁠ usually takes from three to eight hours, therefore it is advised to start it early in the morning.
If you do not feel your abilities are up to standards, you are free to take your time to get prepared, because evaluation of applicants is a continuous process. We do not search for one specific developer, but are continously seeking the most talented programmers out there.

The following sources can help you in your preparation:

1. Object Oriented Programming in Java (the whole Java Object Oriented chapter):
2. Java Tutorial:
3. J2EE 7 tutorial:
4. Robert C. Martin: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

You can find further useful reading on Coursera or other educational sites.

If you would like a little help to prepare for the task, we can send you information about courses to get familiar with the technologies we use. You can make your request on this form.

If you think you are prepared to complete the task, feel free to apply. Call our office (+36-82-222-193) during weekdays and ask for Agnes (atar precognox dot com), who will send you the task.

2. English language test

Since one should use the English language during his or her daily job at Precognox, measuring your language skills is part of the application process.