Understanding and being understood

English language, Precognox

As the common language of informatics is essentially English, it is extremely important for market participants to know and use this language fluently.
In our work, English language skills are required for a number of procedures:

  • understanding tasks and customer needs;
  • developing professional skills;
  • comprehending tender notices written in English;
  • attending and giving lectures, webinars and presentations.

When selecting new employees, we put great emphasis not only on professional and soft skill but also on English language competence. Therefore, all candidates are asked to take the Duolingo language test (at our expense, of course). This way, we can ensure that our employees possess the desired level of English for their everyday work.
Also, from this year on, not only newcomers take the test, but every employee can re-check their English competence annually.

Great results

This year’s language test results were great:
We scored an average of 107 points on the test, a particularly good result, which basically means that most of the staff have intermediate English competence level. In addition, several of the results were outstanding (implying an advanced competence level). All this is quite remarkable considering the fact that many of our colleagues speak and use further foreign languages, as well, ​​in their work: German, Dutch, Swedish, but Japanese can also be mentioned here.

Speaking the same language

To sum it up, it can be stated that as an addition to our native language, English is our true second language, so we are definitely able to find mutual intelligibility with all of our clients and partners.