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Explore our spectrum of AI-driven solutions and tools, from Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, revolutionising data analysis and enhancing operational efficiency. Harness the future today with our expertly developed TAS platform and specialised modules.

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Human centered AI

Thanks to our progress in the field of artificial intelligence, our continuously expanding range of specialized solutions enables us to meet our partners' needs with increasingly sophisticated services. Building on our years of experience in data and text mining, we have developed the TAS text analytics system, which includes modules specialized for various fields, utilizing the latest results of artificial intelligence research.

We actively follow and integrate innovations in AI, machine learning, neural networks, image processing, natural language processing, emotion detection, and face and object recognition.

Through our regularly organized professional meetings and our recognized professional blog, we provide up-to-date knowledge in programming, software development, data collection, data cleaning, annotation, model training, and evaluation, enabling us to serve our clients and partners to the highest standard.
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Optical character recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has revolutionized the conversion of digitized image content, such as scanned documents and photographs, into text, enabling the modernization of paper-based document management.

This technology is a key tool in the digitization of paper-based processes, aiding organizations and businesses in transitioning towards more efficient operations. The text content extracted by OCR becomes suitable for further text analytics processing, such as for search engines and text editing applications, thereby significantly enhancing the accessibility and manageability of documents.

With the integration of ABBYY FineReader, our TAS text analytics platform offers an exceptionally efficient OCR solution that supports a wide range of text analytical processes, from library materials to old newspapers.
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Natural language processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field at the intersection of AI, programming, and linguistics, enabling machines to interpret and process human language, fundamentally supporting content analysis, categorization, sentiment analysis, and machine translation.

Precognox's solutions, leveraging the achievements of NLP, offer a wide range of text analytics solutions, integrating Babel Street's ROSETTE technology for entity recognition and name matching. Together with our partner Babel Street, we provide high-quality NLP solutions in 18 languages, including Hungarian services, significantly improving the efficiency of information extraction from textual data.

The application of these technologies enhances the precision of corporate searches and the depth of text analysis, thereby facilitating decision-making and analytical processes across various industries.
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Advanced name matching

Name identification is crucial in the fields of financial compliance, anti-fraud measures, intelligence, and identity verification, where the TAS Enterprise search developed by Precognox and the integrated Babel Street Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) solutions can effectively identify name matches despite typos, aliases, and multilingual data.

The close collaboration between American Babel Street and Precognox has resulted in the integration of the Rosette API and Rosette Name Indexer (RNI) technology into the TAS Enterprise search, supporting 18 languages including Hungarian. This solution is exceptionally useful in the security sector, enhancing search accuracy and aiding the work of organizations such as the United States Border Protection agency.

The RNI is adaptable to various software environments, thus supporting multilingualism and the resolution of grammatical errors in Elasticsearch, Solr, and the Precognox TAS Platform, and is available in both Cloud and On Premise versions, ensuring fast and scalable integration with the help of cutting-edge technologies.
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Entity extraction

Entity recognition is key in digital text analysis, enabling the automatic identification and structuring of persons, places, events, and other crucial information, which is essential in areas like social media analysis, financial statements, and intelligence.

The solutions developed by Precognox, such as the TAS Enterprise search and TAS Tagger, integrated with the Babel Street Rosette text analytics platform, provide outstanding efficiency in name identification and accurate entity recognition. The innovative Rosette Adaptation Studio further refines this process, allowing users to expand the system with
their own labels, accelerating annotation work.

Through this collaboration, Precognox offers high-level professional support that facilitates successful data management and analysis for clients, with continuously updated technologies and software support.
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Video and audio analytics

Through the integration of Precognox's TAS Tagger and IDOL, video and audio analysis opens new dimensions in the automatic tagging and categorization of textual, visual, and audio content, making these contents searchable.

IDOL, as a visual analysis platform offered by Micro Focus, enables the rapid and straightforward analysis of images, videos, audio files, and live broadcasts, supporting features such as face recognition, voice recognition, and object recognition.

The integration extends the application of TAS Tagger to visual and audio content, opening up new possibilities in object protection, traffic safety, digital media analysis, national security, and many other areas where face and object recognition are crucial
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Machine learning

Machine learning, as a fundamental technology of artificial intelligence, has revolutionized the world of text analysis and data processing, enabling systems to recognize patterns hidden in data.

The two main types of machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, approach data learning in different ways, with the former using pre-prepared labeled datasets, and the latter being capable of independently discovering various data structures.

The application of machine learning is indispensable where automated solutions are needed due to the scarcity of human resources and time. These systems significantly increase the efficiency of workflows and save time by automating processes that previously could only be solved manually.

Our machine learning solutions available through the TAS Platform leverage all the advantages of this technology, thus providing forward-looking solutions for our clients
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