How does an enterprise search engine work?

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What is enterprise search?

Enterprise Search is an intelligent search engine that enables the user to launch searches both in business documents and other text contents, such as web based contents.

Why and when is Enterprise Search required?

There are many reasons why a business requires an intelligent search engine solution. These can be:
– large amounts of data to search in and the data comes from different sources (even from the web)
– applied document formats are different (scanned image files or even audio files)
– very complex searches are required
– bulk search option is also needed within a short period of time
– advanced name and entity recognition solutions are also required
– documents access must be restricted or a closed access system is required for secrecy (trade secrets)
– special supplementary text analysis solutions are required (eg data collecting or log analysis)

In our previous article, we have written about how important is enterprise search for security-related organizations.

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user interface of TAS Enterprise Search

What makes enterprise search special?

The enterprise search engine offers advanced search options that has a great importance for businesses. In addition to general search features such as sorting and narrowing search results, enterprise search also offers complex and quite specific search services. This can be for example the bulk search option, when a user searches with multiple values ​​of an assembled table at a time. In addition, an advanced enterprise search engine allows the user to run complex searches based on special characters. These searches and the results can be saved in templates.
Most of the time, an enterprise search engine is a part of a text analytics platform, so there are additional services. These can be advanced text mining solution for gathering web contents, a built-in thesaurus dictionary, or a log analyzer for analyzing the executed queries.

What particular integrated solutions are required?

– Entity Recognition: it makes possible to launch separate searches for entities (names, organizations, geographical locations, dates) from our textual content
– Name Indexing: personal names can be found even if the name was given using foreign characters or a known nickname, or the user made a typo
– Optical character recognition solution is required when printed business documents are available only in scanned format. OCR technology extracts text content from these image files to become searchable. In our previous blog post, you can read about what kind of issue can be solved by optical character recognition solution.
– Speech-to-text voice recognition solution must be integrated when the searchability of the contents of audio files is the goal to be achieved
The list above illustrates the advanced features that enterprise search can offer due to its advanced solutions.

How does an enterprise search engine work in practice?

Instead of a lengthy technical description, our video gives you an easy way to learn how TAS Enterprise Search works.

Is there a demo version to try-out?

Of course, TAS Enterprise Search has a DEMO interface, where the user can search (by using English or Hungarian terms) in the content of three blogs provided by Precognox.