5 Ways Insight Engine Software Can Aid Digital Transformation of your Company

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Digital transformation is becoming an essential aspect for businesses to thrive and innovate as the world tackles the pandemic changes. Forbes reports that 58% of companies that had not yet initiated a digital transformation program said that the pandemic accelerated their digital plans. By setting up a robust digital transformation strategy, organizations can enhance data collection, unlock data-driven customer insights, and ensure a better customer experience.
Part of creating a robust online transformation strategy is adopting dynamic tools like an insights engine software solution. With insights engine software solutions, business leaders can generate powerful and data-driven insights to improve the customer experience while simultaneously ensuring higher productivity. This article will outline how an insights engine platform can enhance digital transformation efforts and help you become a pioneer in your industry.

1. It helps businesses maximize their data potential

Insights engine platforms are brimming with superb search capabilities that allow business leaders to use the full potential of insights and engage with stakeholders to solve unique organizational issues. Often, businesses fail to capitalize on their data because of siloed information and a lack of analytical skills.
A recent McKinsey study reveals that most businesses use only a fraction of the potential from analytics and data. Using insights engine tools empowers you to maximize business information by helping you understand patterns in unstructured data. Unlike traditional search tools, insight engines leverage innovative solutions to identify data efficiently and make it available to users in the proper context.

2. It delivers relevant data

Data quality is a critical aspect of a successful digital transformation journey. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to realize that not every piece of data is a fit for transformation purposes. Numbers show that only 3% of businesses have information that meets basic quality standards and can be appropriately used by employing innovative technologies.
Adopting an insights engine solution into your digital transformation efforts allows you to ensure that relevant data is being used in the process. An insights engine platform can apply powerful relevancy methods to characterize, discover, classify, and evaluate data. This allows for synthesized and current data to be transmitted interactively and in the context of constituents, customers, and digital workers at the right time.

3. It improves customer experience

Customer centricity is a critical competitive advantage in today’s highly dynamic business landscape. A separate Forbes report reveals that 60% of customer-centric companies are more profitable than companies that don’t concentrate on customers. However, transforming your organization to be customer-centric can be challenging and often requires leaders to monitor interactions and get specific insights to map out an ideal customer journey.
The advantage of the insights engine is it has multiple site search software options that allow you to extract information from various data sources and bundle this data into knowledge that can be used across the organization. This lets employees respond to customer inquiries quickly regardless of whether they have the expertise to do so.

4. Makes accurate forecasting

Accurate forecasting is vital to achieving a true digital transformation. While there is no way to predict the business future, forecasting can help you eliminate guesswork and reduce the risk of unforeseen organizational changes. By building an insights engine platform, you can examine the market at large and understand consumer trends, enabling you to make more accurate business predictions.
Insights engine uses dynamic technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to generate knowledge. This allows them to create accurate predictions based on advanced analytics while simultaneously using them to establish a strong foundation for new business models. This, in turn, enables you to determine elements such as your business concepts, the unique problems you are solving for customers, and creating customer value.

5. Improves collaboration

As the business pace accelerates and workers become increasingly mobile, ensuring effective workforce collaboration is essential to helping organizations become more flexible, productive, and responsive to digital transformation. One way of providing improved collaboration between business teams while centralizing compliance is effective data management.
Having the ability to connect every piece of information allows you to create an all-encompassing business view that is reusable and accessible throughout the organization. Insights engine platforms accelerate digital transformation by managing data effectively and generating insights automatically from these existing databases. You can also embed these insights to multiple applications to enable quick yet intelligent recommendations for potential and current users.

Ensuring effective digital transformation through Insight Engine software platforms

Digital transformation is a continuous process of changing how organizations do business, which requires foundational efforts in projects, skills, and infrastructure. One of the top online infrastructures that can accelerate and ensure effective digital transformation is an insights engine software platform like TAS Insight Engine, which performs in-depth enterprise data search.
TAS Insight Engine is an industry-leading insights engine software platform designed to help enterprises discover, extract, retrieve, and find value from their data. It leverages the latest text analytics advancements for sentiment text analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing to unlock critical insights to enhance business processes. TAS Insight Engine offers a comprehensive product demonstration in addition to its quote-based pricing packages.