Why is it important to have an enterprise search engine?

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What is enterprise search?

Business information can be found in millions of documents, e-mails and websites. Information search is becoming a growing challenge for companies and employees, since information queries need to be performed in several independent and parallelly operated systems. Enterprise search is an excellent solution for the above mentioned problem since searches can be done on a single interface.

Keeping up with the IT challenges of the future

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What are the further benefits of enterprise search?

There are many advantages of using enterprise search:

  • the search engine delivers the results within seconds
  • search functions can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s needs
  • the results can be filtered and sorted
  • even complex and bulk searches can be performed
  • entities are searchable separately, and name search is supported by integrated advanced name matching solution
  • even the content of emails is searchable
  • searching in scanned image files and in pdf’s is also possible

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  • searches can be analyzed
  • document-level access rights can be set
  • the solution can be integrated with DMS and CRM systems or Business Intelligence tools (such RapidMiner or Tableau)
  • knowledge management can also be established
  • the search interface is customizable to the corporate identity

What are the additional features of enterprise search?

Since business search processes are not only about performing queries, there are other supplementary tools to the enterprise search engine, such as the log analyzer or the thesaurus manager.

How does an effective corporate search engine work?

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Economical aspects

A modern, intelligent enterprise search engine can efficiently support the workflows in every department of the company. Using enterprise search engine the time spent searching for information is shortened and users have much easier access to content, whether it be contracts, forms, statements, GDPR policies, related laws and regulations, or even professional articles and other relevant contents.
In addition the collaboration between employees can be enhanced by sharing the latest content (e.g., scientific research publications, regulation modifications, daily updates).

Which sectors might need an enterprise search engine?

Generally speaking, enterprise search engine is needed by businesses and organizations that have large amounts of data, these contents often come from multiple sources, and they need to be searched frequently. This can be true for the participants of different sectors (eg. banks, industrial companies, public organizations, scientific institutes, archives). Therefore the proper enterprise search engine is both topic-independent and has supplementary services, such as a built-in thesaurus manager, to meet the specific needs of the given sector.

A sophisticated solution for enterprise search

TAS Enterprise Search is a search engine that provides all of the above mentioned benefits. Therefore it means an efficient and convenient solution for all employees in the company to access company information quickly and easily. The time saved can be reallocated to other workflows. Consequently the more employees use the search engine, the more worktime will be saved. Accordingly, the application of an intelligent enterprise search engine is not only useful but essential and important in the life of the company.