TAS Alarmlist

In enterprise environment, repetitive queries are performed quite often in corporate data assets. TAS Alarmlist helps to automate these search processes.

What is TAS Alarmlist?

With TAS Alarmlist, repetitive searches can be automated and an alert could be sent if the search terms in the watchlists created by the user can be found within the content of the company’s data assets.

What data can we search?

Searches can be run on numerous different databases, for example:

  • documents within the company own IT system
  • content collected from external sources

The searchable database can be continuously and arbitrarily extended with new data sources or with continuous updates. Continuous data collection of web-based contents and thus the expansion of corporate data assets can be solved by our other text analysis solution, TAS Data Collector.

How can we search?

The first thing to do is to create a watchlist of search terms. This can be done on the TAS Alarmlist interface or by uploading a compiled table as a file. Supported file formats: XLS, XLSX, UTF-8 encoded XML, CSV and TSV. These compiled watchlists can be later altered by adding, modifying or deleting the search terms.

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Example: a compiled list of search terms

It is also decidable in which columns of the list the data to be placed. During the uploading process duplicates are filtered out and not added to the list.

Creating search templates

Any number of search templates can be created using the search terms contained in the watchlist. The available advanced options and search operators can be used to create remarkably complex search templates. The service runs search queries regularly and automatically according to the intervals set and informs the user of the new results in various ways.

TAS Alarmlist search
Example: creating a search template for automated search (financial sector)

Search projects

Separate projects can be created in the TAS Alarmlist interface, each project has its own watchlist. User management settings are available for each project separately. Only Admin users can create a new project, edit its name and description, or delete the project. The Manage Users menu item is also available only Admin users.

TAS Alarmlist projectlist
project management in TAS Alarmlist

Notification options

The system continuously look for a match between the database content and the search terms contained in the compiled watchlist and notifies the user in case of a match. Two notification options are available:

  1. Rows containing new results are sorted to the top of the result list and an indication is given of how many new hits are related to that certain row.
  2. For queries with critical importance, an email notification can be set per template, so that the user is notified immediately of a new match.

TAS Alarmlist services and features

The default look of the GUI is equivalent to TAS Platform but it can be re-designed to fit the corporate identity of the partner. TAS Alarmlist offers the user the following services:
a customizable interface for building search terms and templates
search operators for creating advanced searches
automatic execution of search queries
result display (number of matches)
match notifications
project management
user management

What are the main areas of application?

TAS Alarmlist can be of great help to large enterprises with significant data assets by automating the running of repetitive queries, but it can also be beneficial to SMEs. Since the search process is theme-independent, it can be useful for a wide range of application fields, such as:

  • financial sector: monitoring of clients through watchlists to comply with anti-money laundering law
  • economic sector: monitoring of market events by theme, competition and tender monitoring
  • labour market, real estate, vehicle trade: automated searching for matches between supply and demand
  • law enforcement: monitoring of wanted persons using wanted lists
  • web commerce: product tracking (tests, prices, news)
  • online press: news monitoring, press review (by connecting to TAS News Reader, you can create a list of topics of interest to you (e.g. motorbike, Liverpool, smartwatch, etc.), so that you will be notified when a new article is added to the list.)

Additional services for TAS Alarmlist

Results identified using the TAS Alarmlist are displayed in the TAS Enterprise Search interface, where it is possible to filter and sort the results.

TAS Tagger retrieves and determines key phrases and topics from texts contents. These tags can be entities, topics, categories or even sentiment values. User can also search these tags using TAS Alarmlist. Optional name matching solution is also available and it enables the user to find a person’s name, a location or an organization easier and more effective even it is written in a foreign language or in another form.

TAS Search Log Analyzer is a supplementary analyzing tool for tracking and analyzing the queries compiled in TAS Alarmlist.

TAS Data Collector is used to collect web-based contents thus opening the door to expand the search index.

TAS Thesaurus Manager enables creating word relations (synonyms, typos, narrower / broader groups) between the search terms. The created conceptual dictionary improves the search quality significantly.

Learn more about TAS Alarmlist on our TAS Insight Engine product site.

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