Rosette Adaptation Studio (RAS)

Rosette Adaptation Studio (RAS) is a user-friendly text annotation application designed for nontechnical users. In addition to entities extracted by REX, the intuitive interface allows the user to specify new and unique tag categories. The process can be done by the client itself, without the need for a data scientist or NLP expert. Learn more about entity extraction.
Using the application will accelerate the process and enables more precise entity extraction with Rosette Adaptation Studio.

user interface of Rosette Adaptation Studio

Better together

Rosette Adaptation Studio is an excellent complementary tool to REX, which is now available free of charge to Rosette Entity Extractor users.

Professional support

Since most customers welcome guidance in selecting data, building a new model and evaluating results, Precognox, as a partner of Basis Technology, offer professional services for the training process*.

*if the customer has ordered Rosette solutions through Precognox

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