OSINT – Open source intelligence

OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence. OSINT means obtaining information and data that can be accessed without restrictions. In terms of how the information obtained is utilized, we distinguish between business (CI – Competitive Intelligence) and government intelligence.

The range of users using OSINT is extremely wide:

  • business enterprises (for competition monitoring, social listening and sentiment analysis)
  • journalists, investigators (investigation, investigative journalism)
  • financial institutions (KYC – Know Your Customer, risk analysis)
  • state and government agencies (civil and military intelligence)

PAI: the basis of OSINT

Open source intelligence is based on publicly available information (PAI). These information can be used for both private and business purposes (in some cases by specific restrictions). In the age of digitization, this information plays an increasingly important role in business life (for example, strategy development, competitor monitoring, investment planning, etc.). At the same time, these contents are the basis of OSINT (open source intelligence).

Open source data can be part of a company’s internal data assets, but can even be information available on the Internet without restrictions. Among others such data assets are available on the Opendata.hu website.

There are a number of text analytics solutions available for collecting and analyzing the open source data. Using the TAS Data Collector developed by Precognox, it is possible to collect all unstructured and structured data from domains available on the Internet. This collected information will be searchable using the TAS Enterprise Search Engine.

OSINT solutions

We offer a range of solutions to collect open source information and process it through intelligent search. Contact us and learn more about our OSINT solutions

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant