Retail, banking, media and entertainment, utility, recruitment. All these sectors benefit from chatbots. By the automation of communication these effective and useful assistants save a lot of time and effort.

Chatbots around us

Chatbots mean proven solutions for a wide variety of purposes in different sectors as they have broad range of application fields. That’s why we offer the solutions of our strategic partner, the enterprise chatbot provider Talk-A-Bot, in addition to our text mining and intelligent search solutions.

Sectors and solutions

Different sectors have diverse needs, but versatile chatbots are excellent choices for all of them.

Main sectors

  • customer service
  • e-commerce
  • finance
  • banking
  • public services
  • HR


  • customer service automation
  • lead generation
  • chatbanking
  • online service and support
  • recruitment

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Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

Core functions

  • free text interactions (NLP)
  • FAQ
  • push messages (for all users)
  • marketing push messages
  • GDPR handling/ unsubscribe
  • customer satisfaction measurement
  • webview
  • QR reader
  • context handling

Customization options

  • opening hours handling
  • Live Chat (LCC)
  • profiled push messages
  • PRM (Private reply manager)
  • in-app chatbot
  • bookmark
  • location-based search
  • flow creation (with reporting and integration)
  • custom keyboard


  • chatshop
  • product search
  • multiple language support
  • game
  • loyalty program
  • coupon module
  • scheduling
  • chat-to-email
  • system integration
  • integration

Benefits of choosing Talk-A-Bot

  • up to 85% response accuracy rate is achievable by Natural Language Processing
  • full data privacy
  • multiple back-end integrations
  • supporting the major chat platforms, Messenger, Viber, in-app, widget (ask for further available platforms)
  • full technical and marketing support
  • flexible and professional team

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Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant