The Sounds of Migration – Data Sonification Experiment

, Precognox
Migration is a central issue of political debates in Europe, esp. in Hungary. We collected more than 40.000 articles on this topic to see how it is described in the online media. We did a “serious” analysis of the data, you can read the first part of it here. However, we think this issue has got a very strong emotional side and we are looking for tools to make it explicit. We think simple time series of the emotional tone of texts is just part of the story. That’s why we’ve been experimenting with data sonification for a while. We know it is far from perfect, but we are at the beginning of our journey in the field of data sonification. This time we chose a different tool, the wavesurfer JavaScript library. We used our original data, but this time we created a six-channel audio file from the time series. Each emotion has its own channel in the wav file and the visualization shows the wave form of each channel. By pressing the play button, a time bar helps you to see the progress of the music, also it helps you to compare the channels. You can find more details on the project site. Have fun and keep in mind, this is just an experiment!