Our Hungarian Sentiment Lexicon Is Available on opendata.hu

, Precognox

We’ve just released our Hungarian sentiment lexicons on opendata.hu, the Hungarian open data hub. You can download our sentiment lexicons here.

The sentiment dictionaries were created for automated sentiment analysis of Hungarian texts. The dictionaries were manually created on the basis of an English lexicon. The dictionaries are in plain text format with UTF-8 encoding.
The sentiment dictionary consists of lists of positive and negative polarity words .
The lexicon consist of two lists, one with 1748 positive, and one with 5940 negative words.

The dictionaries are freely available for research purposes under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 international Creative Commons License provided that the user properly cites the appropriate paper in the Reference section below.

For use of the sentiment dictionaries please refer to Szabó (2014).
Commercial users should contact us at labs(at)precognox(dot)com

Martina Katalin Szabo, Gergely Morvay, Zoltan Varju, Zsofi Nyiri, Zsolt Hajnal

Szabó Martina Katalin 2014. Egy magyar nyelvű szentimentlexikon létrehozásának tapasztalatai [Experiences of creation of a Hungarian sentiment lexicon]. Conference „Nyelv, kultúra, társadalom”, Budapest, Hungary.

Picture: Pixabay