Oracle APEX: Low-code development for data-driven projects

Oracle APEX, Precognox

The role of low-code tools is growing constantly and their popularity can be explained by many reasons. One of the best-known such tools is Oracle APEX, i.e. Oracle Application Express.

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is a web application development framework built on Oracle database management. APEX runs directly in the database, thereby exploiting its outstanding features and high-level functionality.

Advantages of Oracle APEX

The main advantage of APEX, compared to other programming languages, is that as a low-code solution it has beneficial entry development costs.

Besides the advantage above, simple data models can be created with adequate database managing and SQL knowledge; moreover, complex business processes can also be implemented with advanced Javascript and CSS knowledge, all with a customizable frontend design.

Additional advantages of APEX can be seen in many areas, such as scalability, short iteration time, or even security. The user-friendly interface simplifies the processes, the built-in functions reduce the development time, and the integration with the Oracle database helps to create applications that utilize its full potential.

Get more out of APEX

Eventhough Oracle APEX enables rapid development and creation of safe, versatile and browser compatible applications with lower programming skills, however, the more complex systems may require deeper expertise.
In the case of such custom solutions, it is advisable to use the support of a software development company.

Who can really benefit from Oracle APEX?

APEX can be a great solution especially for those who are engaged Oracle product users and have the intention to expand its functions and exploit its inherent potential at low development costs.

Utilizing the true power of the solution becomes most justified and advantageous when it is necessary to create a data-centric web application that meets unique business needs, since its capabilities allow the user to quickly produce a high-quality and secure software product with relatively low programming knowledge.

The use of Oracle APEX as a low-code product can also be useful in many areas, especially if a unique but cost-effective solution is needed.

Oracle APEX, Precognox
you can get more out of Oracle Application Express with experts

Lack of adequate programming knowledge?

If the user does not have sufficient programming knowledge (or capacity) to implement the “product”, it is definitely worth contacting a software development company with the appropriate expertise. Due to the low-code nature of APEX, there is no need to worry about extreme development costs even in this case.

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