Hungarian Teachers’ Protests: What happened on Facebook?

, Precognox

In the beginning of 2016 Hungarian teachers, students and supporters organized a mass movement to express their strong disagreement over the government’s education policy. In Budapest and in other big cities notable demonstrations took place, one on 13 February and the other on 15 March. During these months many posts and comments were published and many opinions were expressed on Facebook.

With the help of our Facebook scraper we scraped the posts, comments, likes, reactions and active persons of the two events. After that we created Shiny dashboard working on this data, aiming to understand the community’s Facebook activity and discourse through visualizations.

Follow this link to see the dashboard and explore how committed people are to the movement, which users are the opinion leaders, what topics they were talking about or which sentiments or emotions were the most characteristic over time.

, Precognox
Networks of likes and comments
, Precognox
Time series of emotions
, Precognox
Word clouds of posts and comments


Kitti Balogh

Nora Fulop