How can we utilize web contents?

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We launch searches every day on the web. In parallel we download contents also daily from the Internet. This is possible because almost all content is available on the web today, regardless of the subject. These contents mean great help in our everyday life (eg: weather forecast).

Now let’s look at how we can utilize these contents in our work.

We may need web-based data for
– Research and development projects
– Creating new contents and publications
– Uploading data onto service and information provider or thematic websites, blogs, public and open data portals
– Creating statistics and visualizations

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RapidMiner data visualization based on web content collected by the Precognox Data Collector service

– Providing enterprise processes / operations (Data recovery: saving the status of a website, Internet database)
– Competitor monitoring and analysis
– Press monitoring
– Classifying emails
– Creating searchable databases
– Indexing text contents
– Artificial intelligence, machine learning
– Tracking data changes

Let’s look how to utilize the content gathered from the Internet in different cases.

Research and development, projects
The first step in such work is generally to review previously accumulated knowledge and results by collecting scientific articles published on professional portals (which are referred to as sources). Their content makes it easier for new research and development projects to take place.

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In case of research projects it is necessary to collect the contents of many data sources (website)

Creating new contents and publications
Journalists mostly write their articles by merging former publications, so in this case it is essential to find resources and download the textual content of these articles and other publications.

Upload data to service and information provider or thematic websites, blogs, public and open data portals
In the case of establishing a data and information provision website, it is necessary to collect the contents (tables, statistics) of several reliable (official) data sources.
In addition, we can use open and publicly available content on the Internet to create and publish open data datasets. Almost every country has its own opendata portal. In Hungary it is website.

Creating statistics and visualizations
Presentation of statistics is an essential part of professional lectures or conferences. In many cases, the source of the data on which the statistics are based is web-based content, just think of data published by international organizations or even financial information on stock exchanges around the world.
The creation of visualizations is a special subfield, in this case it is necessary to collect the contents, and also to organize the data in a structured form that meets the requirements of the visualization tool/.

Examples of integration with Business Intelligence tools: Tableau, RapidMiner, Power BI, Google Data Studio

Providing enterprise processes / operations (Data recovery: saving the status of a website, Internet database)
Company decisionmaking requires a huge set of internal (reports, statistics, email contents) and external information (web-based data). In addition, the constant availability of corporate data with data backup is an increasingly important area. It is also possible to do this by collecting the web data, just think of collecting the content of the company website, which helps you to view or even restore the previous states. This also helps to avoid data loss that can cause serious business damage.

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The content of a web page changes frequently, and it is impossible to follow changes manually

Competitor monitoring and analysis
Monitoring competitors is essential to build or retain market advantage. In many cases, this is only possible by collecting content from the web. These contents may include articles, statistics or even data that requires special data collection.

Press monitoring
Online articles about our company, the competitiors or even a particular field of expertise play a key role in the life of every major company, as they can be used for advertising purposes or further analysis.

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Press monitoring can track the relevant publications, the content of these articles can serve as a basis for opinion analysis

Classifying emails
It is now possible to extract the content of electronic mails and thus to classify them on the basis of territorial jurisdiction. This solution for e-mail classification does not require the individual reading of e-mails by humans to classify the e-mails according to corporate areas (finance, HR), so it significantly improves the quality of handling of incoming emails.

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E-mails can be classified by their textual content

Creating searchable databases
Today there are many free or registration restricted websites that have been created through using previous data collection. Comprehensive data collection is also needed to create such databases.
In such cases, further text analytical solutions like enterprise search engines and related special services, such as log analysis or thesaurus management also appear.

Indexing (tagging) text contents
For identifying the content of larger text corpus (eg. online newspapers) and therefore improving its searchability, it is indispensable to collect the textual content firstly so that the texts can be indexed and labeled (tagged) for thematization or retrieval.

, Precognox
Recognition of entities in the text body

Artificial intelligence, machine learning
With the advancement of artificial intelligence, a huge amount of data is required to ensure the process of machine learning, and in addition, it must be provided in a very high data quality level.
To train an AI, large text corpuses are required and these can be produced only with large volume of data collection. Such data amount can only be found on the World Wide Web.

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To train an AI, large text corpuses with high data quality are required

Tracking data changes
In special cases, we only want to track the change of a specific web content (website), and we are interested only in new and relevant information (or the change of former content). Solving this without using an automatic data collection solution is almost impossible, but at least a huge amount of work time and resource is reuired.

The long list above shows that there are countless ways of using web-based contents. The appearance of newer and newer specialty areas, technologies and applications is constantly expanding the number of application possibilities of the Internet contents.
In the forthcoming years (decades), it will be essential to comprehensively utilize the web-based contents. Regardless what kind of data is needed in an application area, it can already be stated that special text analytical solutions are required to collect such data.

There is a solution
Precognox’s TAS Data Collector provides a great business advantage to the customer by collecting the required web-based content.
The customer should only mark the relevant web pages (input) and expectations (eg integration) on the output side (output). The TAS Data Collector service accomplishes the complete (single or recurring) data collection process.
The other solutions of the TAS (Text Analytics System), like TAS Enterprise Search, TAS Search Log Analyzer, TAS Thesaurus Manager and TAS Tagger help by the relating text analytics workflows.

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