House Prices 3D Visualization

, Precognox

We collected almost 200.000 house ads from the Hungarian web. First, we extracted the basic info for each unit and calculated their price per square metre, than we calculated the median price for each district. Finally, we made a 3D theejs visualization with QGIS.

, Precognox

You can find the visualization here.


We used Python for crawling and for data processing – we love BeautifulSoup! We used the fantastic open source QGIS program and its qgis2threejs plugin to visualize our data.


Geo search is one of the hottest topics in search right now, and well, Precognox is specialized in NLP and search, so we think it’s high time to get our hands dirty with geo data. Housing is a big issue everywhere in the world and we think technology can help to understand it and it could help to come up with solutions (yes, we are idealists).