Company data: nuisance or treasure trove?

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As a consequence digital transformation new technologies and processes are being implemented into the IT environment of businesses, generating huge corporate databases. Managing, maintaining and exploiting them is a huge challenge for companies, regardless that these are SMEs or large enterprises.
The use of company data can affect daily business operations, sales, marketing, manufacturing or any other area where digital technology (tools, software and additional solutions) is used.
The impact of digital transformation is certainly significant in the life of a business, but it is also important that it should be a positive change.

Company data

Company data can be very diverse (documents, emails, digitised content). Easy and quick access to this data is essential. Achieving this requires expertise, accuracy and tdeliberation, especially when it comes to sensitive business data with different user access rights.
The huge volume of digital data can be a major headache for businesses, but it is worth remembering that this data is also a treasure trove that can be used and exploited by all managers, decision-makers and employees within the company.
However, making the right business decision can only be made by the usage of company data (including external data sources such as contents available on the web).

Data from the web

Contents available on the internet can also be an important part of your company’s data assets.

Collecting all the unstructured and structured data from a given domain can be done with TAS Data Collector.

company data, Precognox
company data can be various

Key to the treasure trove: intelligent search

To ensure that all employees always have access to company data, it needs to be collected, structured and made searchable.
Enterprise IT systems (including tools and software) enable these processes in most cases, but searching the corporate data assets is often cumbersome because the integrated search solutions usually do not provide specific additional functionality.

Only advanced search engines such as TAS Enterprise Search are dedicated to perform conveniently during the search processes, because of the integrated solutions (advanced name identification and matching, entity recognition, optical character recognition, sentiment analysis) coming from several fields (text analytics, natural language processing, linguistics). Moreover, the additional features such as advanced and bulk search are a great help in cases when sophisticated or repetitive queries are required to be run.

Effective enterprise search

Learn more about how effective enterprise search works in practice.

Intelligent enterprise search is therefore a solution that will make corporate data a treasure trove of information, rather than a nuisance. And the treasures it contains can effectively support company processes and business decision-making. As a matter of course, that it could only be realized if the right search solution is being applied.