Budapest BI Forum

, Precognox
Today, we are presenting our recent works on information visualization and using images in content analysis at the Budapest BI Forum. Kitti Balogh: Text Visualization Dashboards (in Hungarian) This talk gives an overview of our visualization dashboards. If you speak Hungarian, you can find a short description along with the accompanying slides here. Varjú Zoltán: A Review of Image Retrieval Methods – a journey from image descriptors to neural networks Although visual information is getting more and more common in the online world and researchers gave us plenty of tools to deal with it, it is still hard to find the right solution to the most common information retrieval tasks like finding duplicates, similar items and forming meaningful clusters from images. On a dataset with about 50k images we went through the traditional approaches like using image hashing and image descriptors for finding duplicates and clusters, we tried out image labeling solutions and we tested state-of-the-art variational autoencoders too. Of course, we compared and evaluated each and every solution and now we would like to share our experiences with you.