And this little one wins everything – how does data help to fight corruption?

, Precognox

This little one would have competed, but was not invited,
this little one has competed, but was closed out,
this little one has competed, but hasn’t won,
this little one has competed, would have won, but…,
and this little one has won everything.

Does it ring a bell? It is all about corruption. Jobbery, malversation, conspiracy. These phenomena deforms the economic race and causes outstanding financial damages. Nowadays the state is determing participant in the projects, so these projects have enormous amount of public fund. These expenses are approximately 25-35% of the whole statal budget. That’s why it is essential, that these projects must be transparent.

The bad decisions – even the corruption – procure tremendous expenses and damages (delay power plant projects, collision of a bridge).

These projects – because of the complexity of their jural, financial or technical process – are difficult to be reviewed, the available data is often unstructured. Thanks to the progression of data mining, this data is collectable and the built, structured database is searchable and ready for further analysis.
One of the most considerable corruption-research project’s – DIGIWHIST – scientific coordinator
is Mihály Fazekas (director and founder of Government Transparency Institute). DIGIWHIST looks at corruption risks in public procurement across 35 European countries.

Paralel with this project there is another research that examines the Latin American area. The data source of this project is (iadb = inter-american development bank). Precognox – through its TAS Data Collector solution – is the IT partner in this project by collecting and cleaning the data.

The success of the two mentioned project shows that there is a growing demand for the research of corruption. The usefulness of such projects and their results is unquestionable. Through these results every little one wins.