Navigating the Future of AI and Analytics with Precognox

Your Gateway to Advanced AI and Text Analytics Solutions. Located in the heart of Central Europe, Precognox stands at the forefront of “automation of knowledge work.” Specializing in cutting-edge artificial intelligence, semantic search, and intelligent text mining & analytics, we are dedicated to transforming complex data into actionable insights. Our commitment to excellence caters to the evolving needs of major businesses globally, particularly in the US market.


Masters of Data: Unraveling Complexities, Unveiling Insights

With a rich heritage rooted in providing sophisticated solutions, Precognox boasts a comprehensive track record in solving intricate information management problems. Our expertise extends to managing large volumes of unstructured data, a common challenge among our international clientele. Our work goes beyond mere data processing; we excel in delivering impactful software development projects, backed by deep insights and innovative approaches in AI and analytics.


The Power of Continuity: Our Team, Your Success

The cornerstone of our success lies in our team’s stability and proficiency. Our professionals, known for their steadfast dedication, ensure project consistency from start to finish. This low employee turnover not only signifies a harmonious work environment but also guarantees that the same skilled hands that begin a project bring it to completion, a quality highly appreciated by our clients.


Beyond Development: A Symphony of Quality, Innovation, and Stability

Precognox’s holistic approach to service encompasses more than just software development. Our dedicated developer groups work seamlessly alongside a specialized QA team, ensuring the highest quality in every project. Complementing this is our adept DevOps team, contributing significantly to the overall stability and robustness of our solutions. This comprehensive structure ensures we meet and exceed client expectations in every aspect of our work.


From Vision to Vanguard: The Precognox Odyssey

The journey of Precognox began with our founders, Endre Jofoldi and Karoly Kasa, who in 2001 embarked on a collaboration with the NIH (National Institutes of Health, USA). Their pioneering work in developing ToxSeek, a toxicological search engine, and various text analytics tools, laid the foundation for Precognox’s inception in 2008. Since then, our journey of over 18 years in implementing search technologies has been marked by growth, innovation, and an expanding international client base. Our aim is to support our customers as major businesses worldwide, including considerable US market players, with large amounts of unstructured data in solving complex information management problems and delivering software development projects.


Join the Precognox Journey: Innovate, Transform, Excel

At Precognox, we are more than just a consulting firm; we are innovators, thinkers, and solution providers dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses handle data. We invite you to explore our world of expertise and discover how we can elevate your business through our advanced AI, text analytics, and software development solutions. Learn more about our certificationssocial engagement, and how we can be a part of your success story.



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