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A new year, a brand new name

Tue 22 January, 2013

A new year, and a brand new name; Precognox. The company name has changed, but our commitment to the state-of-the-art search and text mining solutions and  professional J2EE  is the same.

Due to the name change, we set up a new English web site at Precognox.com

If you are wondering where does this weird name come from, we tell you that the etymology is influenced by Minority Report, a film from the early 2000s. We strongly believe that data can help you to gain insight into future on which you make better decisions and we hope we can help you in that.

Company day in Budapest

Wed 19 December, 2012

We held our regular company day in Budapest. The event started with a brief overview of the year and the forthcoming challenges in 2013. After the serious talks we had a lunch and an in-house bowling competition.

Our new colleague Gábor Németh

Thu 29 November, 2012

Our development team has got a new talent, Gábor Németh. Gábor is a senior Java developer with broad experience in working at multinational and domestic companies.

Main careers:
Magyar Telekom - senior developer
Wirecard AG. (Germany) - software developer
Loyalty Partner GmbH. (Germany) - software developer

We believe our new colleague strengthen our products and services.

Mind reading instead of searching

Tue 30 October, 2012

What will the future bring us? The most prestigious weekly newspaper in Hungary, the HVG, devoted its special issue (HVG Extra, Jövő 2.0 - Future 2.0) to this question. Our colleagues, Endre Jóföldi (CEO) and Zoltán Varjú speculated on the recent developments in search and language technology in their contribution to the issue. They think technology becomes so sophisticated and the collection of contextual data (location, user behavior and etc.) makes possible to "read our minds" and serve up relevant search results even without typing  queries...


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