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ePSI Platform Workshop - Budapest, Hungary, 2nd October, 2013

Mon 16 September, 2013

A real treat is awaiting those interested in open data on 2nd October at the ePSI Platform Workshop - which will be moderated by our very colleague, Zoltan Varju. There is no entry fee, however, participation requires preliminary Eventbrite registration.
Detailed program:

Precognox CTO Attains ScrumMaster Exam

Fri 13 September, 2013

Karoly Kasa - CTO of Precognox - attained a Certified ScrumMaster certificate - with a closing result of 91% - at a training organized by ScrumAlliance.

ScrumAlliance is one of the most known and recognized international organization in the industry. The tasks of a scrum master include ensuring high productivity of the team and the correct use of scrum instrumentation. The scrum master follows development status at each task, identifies, prioritizes and deflects upcoming problems that could hold the team back. Efficiency maintenance also include resolving possible conflicts between team members along with maintaining unity and motivation within the group.

Our CEO Endre Jofoldi has been selected into the top 50 young entrepreneurs by the jury of Idol Foundation

Wed 14 August, 2013

Endre Jofoldi,  co-founder and CEO at Precognox, has been selected into the list of top 50 role model by the Idol Foundation. The Idol of the Year title will be awarded to someone on the top 50 list after a public online voting. The Idol Foundation is a civil initiative with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and recognizing successful young entrepreneurs in Hungary.

We got a Bisnode AA certification

Tue 30 July, 2013

Bisnode tanusitvany

Our company earned Bisnode AA certification, a solvency excellence rating with high standards that only 1.75 percent of Hungarian firms are qualified to achieve it. Bisnode has been certifying solvency excellence internationally since 1908. Firms around the globe can demonstrate their solvency, truthworthiness and creditworthiness by earning a Bisnode certificate that comes in three types; triple, double or simple A.   Having gained a Bisnode certificate is a privilege that means the certified company is financially stable and truthworthy according to Hungarian and International standards.

Precognox against the floods

Fri 14 June, 2013

Precognox had cancelled its planned company day due to the recent floods in Hungary. Our team joined to the volunteers at Solt to help securing the dam.

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